A Unique Fish Market in Kodiak, Alaska

Kodiak Fish Market was founded by John Whiddon, who after a twenty year career as a Coast Guard search and rescue pilot opened a small seafood market and custom processing operation on Kodiak’s waterfront. He spent the next sixteen years expanding the business to include full commercial production. As production increased, the processing plant worked with a large fleet of salmon, halibut and cod fishermen, buying, processing, and selling seafood. Commercial markets expanded from local to domestic including major grocery chains and box stores and eventually to markets around the world.

The idea of an online seafood store came from talking to our customers and realizing that consumers across the United States were looking for quality Alaskan seafood from a trusted source. Our years of experience buying, processing and selling seafood, helps ensure that we deliver the best seafood that Kodiak has to offer. Combined with our shipping partner, FedEx, we are able to deliver the finest seafood from the ocean to your table overnight from Kodiak, Alaska.

Kodiak is located in the Gulf of Alaska and is bordered on the West by Shelikof Strait and to the East is the Gulf of Alaska. Alaska’s fisheries are considered to be the best managed fisheries in the world. The salmon, halibut, cod and crab harvested from our local waters come from these same well managed sustainable and renewable fisheries. Our fish is harvested by Kodiak fishermen, and small boat fishermen from around Alaska.  Many of these fishermen are second and third generation fishermen, who continue family traditions and have a natural respect for the sustainability of our seafood industry.

Our fish comes from boats, skippers and crews that we know and who consistently take the utmost care when handling their catch. Once the fish is landed and offloaded, it is processed in a modern facility to preserve the flavor and freshness of the seafood.

We are passionate about the fish we produce. We are committed to producing the highest quality seafood, combined with exceptional customer service – we know this sets us apart from our competition. We are not focused on being the biggest online seafood store, but we are committed to being the best.

Fishmonger is an old fashioned term but it is who we are and we are proud to sell some of the best Alaskan seafood in the world. Call us to find out what fish is in season in Kodiak. We look forward to hearing from you.