Kodiak Fireweed

This is a special time of the year here in Kodiak. Life feels a little more poignant on the island as the hot-pink fireweed blossoms start to dwindle.
For Alaskans this is a sure sign fall is near. Our seasons turn very rapidly. One day we will be grilling salmon on the beach in our t-shirts; the
very next morning we will wake to frost on the windows and reach for our hoodies as we head outside to winterize the garden.

Fortunately the realization of summer’s end is tempered by another kinder truth: Salmon season is in full swing. Our town pulses with energy. The fishing
docks hum with action as crews deliver their catch, stock up on supplies (our grocery store sells an amazing amount of steak, cereal, and energy drinks
during the fishing season), and clean up their decks. The arrival of the boats often lures sea lions, eager for a nibble of leftovers, into the harbor.
If we are lucky, orcas follow the sea lions in and put on a display as wild as any you could hope to see on the Discovery Channel.

Beyond the docks and little further from the downtown, King, or Chinook, salmon are among the first to return to our rivers to spawn in early summer. A
few weeks later you can watch Reds, also called Sockeye salmon, swim up the rivers. The lucky ones make it back to their birthplace to spawn; others
fatten the bellies of eagles and bears during June and July. Sometimes there are so many thousands of salmon crammed into one little bend of the stream
that you can’t even see the rocky bottom. Hot on the tails of the Reds come the Pink salmon. Silvers, which are known as Coho, are the last to arrive
and mark the switch to fall. The season of saunas and homemade chowders is just around the corner.

Check out our current inventory of salmon being delivered to our market (and your plate!) daily. We
will also be adding recipes very soon to provide you with inspiration for your next seafood feast.

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