Copper River Sockeye Salmon

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Copper River salmon fillets have a rich, red color and firm texture, combined with a mild flavor. Filleted & vacuum packed & frozen in whole fillets. Buy today!

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The Copper River Salmon season opened on May 18th.  The first deliveries of  Sockeye were immediately flown into Seattle by Alaska Airlines.  We have limited quantities of this amazing “First Run” sockeye salmon, so if you are interested  in trying the unique flavor of Copper River salmon, buy soon while supplies last. Copper River salmon fillets have a rich, red color and firm texture, combined with a mild flavor. This wonderful sockeye is filleted and vacuum packed and frozen in whole fillets.

Copper River sockeye spend several years at sea and travel thousands of miles as they eventually return for the 300 mile journey up the Copper River. This long journey back to the Copper River Delta results in a rich, robust salmon that produces the highest quality fillets. Copper River sockeyes are sustainably harvested, and once caught, are individually bled and iced to preserve the flavor and freshness.  Copper River Sockeye’s exceptional quality is the hallmark of the Copper River brand what makes it in such great demand worldwide.

Wild Alaska sockeye salmon from the icy cold waters of the Copper River is all natural, high in heart healthy Omega 3’s, and is perfect for either fine dining or family style barbecues. Once you try it, you will be hungry for more!


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