Dungeness Crab

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  • Four Dungeness Crab Legs
  • Shoulder
  • Claws

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Product Description

Dungeness Crab is a Pacific Northwest favorite, celebrated in decadent crab cakes, creamy bisques, and savory salads. Dungeness Crab is sold in sections consisting of half the crab, which includes four crab legs, a claw, and a shoulder portion.

Harvested along the northern coasts of the Pacific Ocean of the United States and Canada, Dungeness Crab has the sweetest taste of the crab delicacies. As a sustainable seafood source, this crab is a good alternative to other fish and sea life that may not be as easily replenished in the wild. This crustacean has a large, wide body and medium-length legs and claws. Tasters can enjoy the sweet, moist clusters of meat of this heavy crab in a range of dishes. If you choose to buy Dungeness Crab, you not only get a rich taste, but you also can experience the added wholesome nutritional benefits that this sea dweller can provide. Meals with this type of crabmeat can give diners the following added features:
  • Zinc ‰A fundamental trace element for the body, zinc may play a role in activating T cells, which are necessary for a healthy immune system. Some studies suggest that zinc can help alleviate the severity and duration of the common cold.
  • Selenium ‰Another essential mineral that the body needs, selenium can work alongside other antioxidants in the body to protect against free radical deterioration. There may also be a link to it being able to fight certain viruses and lower inflammation.
  • Copper ‰An additional vital mineral, copper helps iron be absorbed into the body to prevent anemia. It may also assist with tissue restoration by encouraging collagen production and other cell structure replenishment in the body.
You will receive your Dungeness Crab in half-crab portions consisting of the shoulder, claws and legs. Prepare luscious, heavy crab cakes with the rich clumps of meat to create a show-stopping entree. Add pizazz to a boring bisque with the flavorful addition of crabmeat. Spice up your pasta dish by mixing in some of this treasured seafood your taste buds will thank you! However you decide to serve it, this mouthwatering ingredient can liven up your menu for any type of cuisine.

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2 reviews for Dungeness Crab

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Love crab! the first time I had Dungeness was on cruise and I was in heaven. I ordered 4 lbs. from Kodiak and it was indescribable! Sweet, tender and luscious! I was worried about the overnight shipping but it was no problem. Everything was frozen except crab and frozen on the halibut and cod.

    • (verified owner)

      Thanks for the feedback Anne. Glad you enjoyed the crab and halibut. We do have a sale on Opilio crab, sockeye salmon, coho salmon and cod. John, Kodiak Fish Market

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Since here in SC Dungeness Crab are seasonal and hard to find. I love any crabmeat but I prefer Dungeness with it’s sweet taste. I no longer go to seafood restaurants looking for what I can’t have. After ordering my first time last year as a Christmas gift to myself, this is the only place I get my crab from. It’s also overnight shipping, doesn’t get much better than this!!

    • (verified owner)

      Thank you Malena – hope you enjoy this new order of Kodiak seafood!

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