Lobster Tails 8-10 oz.

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Cold Water Atlantic Lobster Tails 8-10 Oz – The Pinnacle of Large Lobster Tails. Kodiak Fish Market. Fresh from the sea to your front door with overnight delivery.

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Product Description

Lobster is considered the pinnacle of a luxurious dining experience. The most prized part of the treasured lobster, is its succulent tail meat, which makes a dramatic addition on any diner‰’s plate.   These 8-10 oz Atlantic lobster tails are perfect for a main meal or as part of a surf and turf combo.

Beyond the prestige and extravagance of lobster, is the fact that lobster is simply good for you. You don‰’t have to feel guilty about indulging in this fine, amazing food. Cold water lobster tails can turn a routine dinner into a special occasion. Dress up your usual steak and potatoes and turn it into a surf and turf with the addition of this luscious seafood side. Simply broil the tails directly in their shell, and you‰’ll have a quick and flavorful add on. Another option is to remove the meat from the lobster tails, pan sear it with some olive oil and herbs and add it to your favorite pasta as a sumptuous garnish. If you‰’re looking for an uncomplicated preparation, simply boiling the lobster tails in a pot of water can make cooking truly one step. Serve with clarified butter and lemon wedges, and you‰’ve got a delicious, yet satisfying meal. Lobster tails are one of the finer aspects of cuisine available for chefs and home cooks around the globe.



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