Razor Clams

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The clams have a unique buttery taste that is both a little sweet and salty. Razor clams are also wonderful deep fried! Buy at Kodiak Fish Market today!

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Our razor clams come from remote Polly Creek on the west side of Cook Inlet, about 32 miles from Kenai. Polly Creek‰’s beaches lie in the shadow of Mt. Redoubt, a recently active volcano. To the south sits Mt. Augustine, also a recently active volcano. This long, sandy beach that is only accessible by plane or boat is the source of some of the finest razor clams available.

Our clams are harvested only during the summer by a crew of diggers who spend several months camped out at Polly Creek. Once the clams are dug up, they are loaded into a small plane and flown to the processing plant in Nikiski where they are cleaned and processed in a modern processing plant. The clams are vacuumed packed and frozen to preserve the flavor and texture.

We also source clams from Massett in  British Columbia.   These clams are harvested from the long, windswept beaches of the Queen Charlotte Islands by members of the Haida nation.

Razor clams are wonderful  deep fried, or in clam chowder or in a linguine sauce.


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