Smoked Halibut

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Smoked halibut offers a distinct flavor profile that can take your menu to a new level.  Premium cuts of Kodiak halibut are carefully selected and smoked using a traditional “hot smoke” method to create a tantalizing smoked product that will be sure to please.

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Product Description

Our production staff hand selects premium cuts of fresh Alaskan halibut to create our distinctive smoked halibut.  We take Alaskan halibut, directly caught by our local Kodiak fishermen, marinate it in a salt and sugar brine and smoke it in an alderwood blend for several hours. The end result is a sweet, scrumptious taste that gives new dimension to the popular whitefish.

Now, when you buy smoked halibut, you get access to a different flavor profile that is not present in the traditional preparation of the fish.

The salty flavor of smoked halibut offers new options for parties, snacks, dips and hors d’oeuvres. One popular preparation is smoked halibut dip, which combines the zingy smoked flavor with smooth cream cheese. Served with chips or slices of a toasted baguette, this appetizer is sure to please party guests. Or, simply serve it as the topping of fresh spring salad, giving tasters a zesty, flavorful experience. Whatever your preference, smoked halibut can be a wonderful addition to any seafood lover‰ list of go-to ingredients.

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