Sockeye Salmon

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Sockeye Salmon is a favorite both here in Kodiak and throughout the Lower 48 because of its mild flavored, firm, bright red fillets. Sockeye fillets are boneless, 1 to 1.25 lb portions, vacuum packed and frozen to preserve the flavor and freshness.  Wild caught,  sustainable, renewable Sockeye Salmon.  Perfect on the grill or served as a main dish.

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Sockeye Salmon is a favorite both here in Kodiak and throughout the Lower 48 because of its mild flavored, firm, bright red fillets. Traditionally, sockeye salmon are the first fish to return to the Island and they attract the most attention because their arrival signals the beginning of salmon season and a long summer of fishing. Impress your family and guests by serving this delightful fish at parties, dinners or cookouts. Sockeye is great on the grill or baked in the oven. Simple recipes such as grilling with lemon and salt and pepper work well to enhance the fresh flavor of this wonderful fish. Salmon in the diet promotes heart health and wellness because of the vital oils, Omega 3’s and fats in these wild caught fish.

All our salmon are wild caught by salmon seiners or by beach setnet fishermen. Kodiak sockeye salmon  comes from the West Side of Kodiak that includes the famous, historical Karluk river system. Our wild sockeye comes from Viekoda Bay, Uganik Bay and Kupreanof Straits on the West Side which has produced top quality sockeye since the early 1900’s. Our fishermen represent many generations of fishing families and take great pride in how they handle their catch.
When the fish is landed, each fish is iced immediately to preserve the quality and freshness. As soon as the salmon is delivered to the processing plant, it is filleted, vacuum packed and flash frozen to lock in flavor and freshness and produce the highest possible quality product.
We have an extensive list of salmon recipes, so be sure to check out our recipe pages at the link below for new ways to prepare your salmon:

Salmon Preperation Recipes

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