Troll Caught King Salmon

$34.95/ LB

Premium Quality Troll Caught Salmon direct from our small boat fishermen in South East Alaska.  King salmon is heart healthy, high in Omega 3’s.  Order  now for  overnight delivery – from the ocean to your table with FedEx overnight delivery. Our Flat Rate Shipping allows  you to ship as much seafood as you like for one rate anywhere in the US.   Shop Now!

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Product Description

Troll Caught King Salmon are sustainably harvested from the inside waters of South East Alaska. Each of these fish are individually caught by small boats with trolling hooks and handled with great care. King Salmon are easily identified by the dark color on their mouths and the distinctive spots on their tails. They are high in Omega 3‰’s and produce firm and mild flavored fillets. These fillets are versatile, ideal for fine dining or the barbeque. Packed in one-pound vacuum sealed portions.

Nutritional Information

Serving Weight 100g

Calories 179

Total Fat 10.43g

Carbohydrate 0g

Cholesterol 50mg

Sodium 47mg

Protein 19.93g


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