Seafood lovers – October is National Seafood Month. To help celebrate National Seafood Month, Kodiak Fish Market is having a huge sale on Red King Crab, Salmon & Halibut. Buy any amount of King, Sockeye or Coho Salmon, Red King Crab and Halibut and receive a 20% discount through October 14th.

20% off

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National Seafood Month honors the men and women who work in our nation’s seafood industry. This includes fishermen, processors, retailers and seafood restaurants.

Kodiak Fish Market focuses on wild caught, sustainably managed, healthy seafood. Alaska’s many fisheries are some of the best managed in the world through
effective use of science, sound stock assessments and even-handed enforcement of the many laws and regulations that govern our fisheries.

Coastal Alaskan communities like Kodiak rely almost entirely on the seafood industry for its economic life blood. Therefore it is vital that we take a
long term approach to how our fisheries are managed.

So join us and stay tuned this month as we will feature various promotions, discounts and news updates to celebrate National Seafood Month.

John and Rachel

Kodiak Fish Market



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