In early January, my brother and I arrived at the George Inn in the heart of London after long flights from Alaska and California. Founded in the 1500’s the George Inn has hosted historic figures such as Shakespeare and Charles Dickens. We were content with a quiet meal in a small room with low ceilings and sagging beams and creaking floors. After looking at the menu, the item that just stood out was the “Fish and Chips”. Of course I had to try out the seafood – and if you are ever in London, the George Inn creates an excellent meal with very light battered cod fillets and large hand cut chips or fries. The-George-Inn

If you Google Fish & Chips, London the first name that appears is “Poppies Fish & Chips”, so on our next day after visiting museums, some shopping at Harrods and Lillywhites, we took a ten minute taxi ride to Hanbury Street to the renowned authentic fish and chip shop. Pat “Pop” Newland began his career in the fish and chip business at 11 years old. In 1952, Poppies was founded and has gone on to achieve cult status among fish and chip aficionados. Of course the cod was delicious, but I was most surprised by the strong commitment to using sustainable seafood.
poppies cod

Since sustainability is such an important component of our business, we want to share some of Poppies “Sustainable Fishing” declaration:
“We love good fish and want to make sure it is available for many years to come. Poppies fish is harvested with care from the seas and delivered in wonderful condition to your plate.” This is a statement we can certainly support. Our cod season is now open and we want you to know that the Pacific Cod season is closely managed by both the Federal Government, NOAA in waters that are 3 miles or more offshore and by the State of Alaska in inside waters. Strict quotas are set and by catch, which happens when fishing, is very closely monitored by both the fishermen whose livelihoods depend on clean fishing and by the regulatory agencies. So it was refreshing to read such a strong statement in a traditional business that has been in existence for over 70 years.


Our final stop on the Fish and Chip tour was at the Hunters Moon Inn in Middlemarsh, Dorset – about a two and a half hour train ride from London. Located out in the rural area of Dorset, the closet town is Sherborne which is known worldwide for its famous Sherborne Abbey which was first built in the early 700’s by the Anglo Saxons. Over the years, it has evolved into an amazing example of classic old English church architecture.
So back to the Hunters Moon Inn. Our group of six were quickly seated and menus passed around. Once more, I went for the fish and chips. There were so many more choices from rack of lamb, to steak and ale pie and various traditional English pub fare. However, the fish and chips were a must to complete the tour. Once again, the cod was cooked perfectly with just the right amount of batter and as always a healthy offering of hand cut chips.

So why all this talk of fish and chips?

Well as I mentioned, Pacific Cod season is open and once again our local Kodiak fishermen are out fishing for cod. The same cod that goes into fish and chips. Of course there are many other uses for cod including fish tacos. Danielle at Delightful Mom Food has a wonderful recipe for cod tacos that is worth investigating. You can find her recipe here:

You might not get your fish and chips wrapped in newspaper the way Poppie used to do when he first started many years ago, but you can still enjoy the fresh, delightful flavour of our wild caught, sustainably harvested cod from Kodiak Fish Market. Our boats deliver their catch daily, so our cod is always fresh and always top quality. If you want the best cod available, try our Pacific cod at: You won’t be disappointed!

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