“Can you really ship seafood overnight from Alaska?” “If I order today, will it take two days to arrive?” “Do I need to be home?” “Will it stay frozen?”

These are some of the questions we routinely receive from customers when deciding to order seafood. The answer to the first question is “YES” and the answer
to the second question is, “FedEx will deliver next day to any destination in the U.S. You can order seafood and when it ships Monday through Thursday,
it will arrive next day via FedEx Priority Overnight Service. We have been shipping seafood from Kodiak via FedEx to destinations across the country
for over 22 years. FedEx gets the job done. They have been consistently reliable, on time and efficient.

Nowadays online sales have grown to such an extent that customers often take shipping for granted. This is probably not a bad thing. If the shipping provider
is doing their job consistently well, then shipping stays in the background – as it should. For Kodiak Fish Market, we do our best to make sure that
your focus is on the quality of the products and not on shipping, although shipping is critical to our ability to deliver those premium seafood products.

So how does it all work when shipping seafood from Kodiak Island to the “Lower 48”? As I mentioned, we usually ship seafood Monday through Thursday for
next day delivery. Friday shipments that deliver on Saturday are an option where FedEx offers that service, however, FedEx charges an additional Saturday
delivery fee.

Our FedEx courier picks up by 10:00 each day, so it is important that orders be received the night before to ensure they are packed and ready to be picked
up next morning. There are times we can ship the same day when our volumes allow, but to be certain, it is best to expect the shipment to go out the
next day. The courier finishes his or her route and then heads to Kodiak Airport and delivers the shipments to a small cargo plane for further shipment
to the Anchorage sorting hub. Once the packages arrive in Anchorage, they are then sorted and loaded into the large FedEx cargo planes and flown to
either Memphis or Indianapolis for further sorting, depending on their final destinations.

By the following morning, the packages should be in a truck and out for delivery in order to meet the delivery commitment – usually between 10:00 and noon.
Rural destinations always take longer because of the distance from local hub.

We pack our seafood in insulated boxes with gel packs to help keep the product frozen. FedEx does not refrigerate the boxes at the station or in the airplanes,
so they have to be packed properly in order to arrive in perfect condition. We are asked about dry ice and unfortunately there is none available on
the Island.

You do not need to be home to receive your package, but keep in mind that if it is hot where you live you will want to get the seafood out of the sun as
fast as possible. There are times when delays occur due to weather or mechanical. To help with tracking packages, Kodiak Fish Market is working with
a third party service provider, Periship, who monitor every package from the time it leaves our facility until it is delivered to your destination.
Periship has been an outstanding addition to our logistics team. If a package is running late due to weather delays, mechanical problems or some operational
issue, Periship will contact you and let you know the status of your package.

As good as FedEx is, there are times when shipping problems arise, so we will work with Periship to resolve all claims or issues to your satisfaction.
We want to ensure that you are satisfied with the quality of the seafood you receive so that you will order more. We will gladly reship your order
or refund if a problem occurs during shipment. Don’t hesitate to let us know.

Finally, we have been offering Flat Rate shipping for $38.50 for Priority Overnight delivery. This means you can order as much seafood as you would like
all for one flat rate. FedEx Priority Overnight is a premium shipping option, one that we are confident will help ensure that you receive your seafood
in perfect condition.

Call us if you have questions about shipping or delivery dates.

Meanwhile, enjoy your seafood from Kodiak Fish Market.



Kodiak Fish Market

Kodiak, Alaska


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