How much is shipping?

We offer a Flat Rate shipping option — no limits! For $38.50 we will ship your order Monday through Thursday via FedEx Priority Overnight service anywhere in the U.S. where overnight shipping is available.   Due to the extreme temperatures throughout the United States, we have switched to Priority Overnight service which delivers earlier in the day to help ensure your fish arrives in perfect condition.  When temperatures subside, we will switch back to our lower priced FedEx Standard Overnight delivery.

* Saturday deliveries are available to certain zip codes and cost an additional $30 to cover the Saturday delivery charge.

*Hawaii deliveries require an additional shipping cost of $25. Also, some rural areas require FedEx Priority delivery (additional $29.50). We will notify you ahead of time if this is the case. 

As the leading FedEx ship in Kodiak for the past twenty years, our experience has been that FedEx Overnight service is the best option to help ensure that products arrive frozen. FedEx Overnight service is a premium service that has proven to be the best shipping method to complement your premium quality seafood products.

Although other sites offer free shipping which is a compelling offer, the truth is that shipping is not free and usually product prices are increased to cover shipping costs. We prefer to be upfront with all costs, so are passing on our Fedex discount to minimize shipping costs.

How is my order going to be packaged?

Your order will leave our facility completely frozen. To ensure minimal thawing during shipment, we package your fish in Styrofoam lined insulated boxes, with gel ice packs. This combination of Styrofoam lined fish boxes and gel ice ensures your order will stay cold during transit.

In the event that your fish has started to mildly thaw during shipping, place the products in your freezer immediately and they will be fine. If you have any questions about your product, please call us at 907-942-3497 or email at

When will my shipment arrive from Kodiak?

All of our orders are shipped from Kodiak using FedEx Overnight service. FedEx Overnight Service to most zip codes delivers by 4:30 pm, however it may be as late as 8:30 pm to certain zip codes. If your zip code is rural, then it should arrive by 8:30 pm. In order to process your order for shipment the next day, we need to receive it by 5 pm East Coast time. (1 pm Alaska time).

How can I track my order once it is shipped?

When your order is complete we will include your email address in our FedEx software and once your box is scanned on the morning of your requested ship date, you will receive an email with tracking numbers and an estimated delivery time. You can also visit or you can call 1-800-GO-FEDEX for more information about your order.

Do you ship outside of the United States?

No. At this time we are only able to ship within the United States with overnight delivery. This includes Hawaii, where an additional $25 fee is added at checkout due to shipping costs.

What if my order is delayed or gets lost?

While it is rare for a shipment to be delayed, it can happen from time to time. In the event that your order does get held up in transit, we will contact and let you know about the delay. As a customer of Kodiak Fish Market, we value your business and if your package is late, lost or damaged, we will file a claim and resolve the matter to your complete satisfaction. Your business is important to us.