We left Kodiak’s Dog Bay Harbor just after eight o’clock in the morning for the 90-minute ride to Whale Pass. Like many days this summer, we took off with
blue skies and sparkling waters, hardly a whisp of wind as we rounded the corner to Ouzinkie Narrows. When Dick and Jack and I arrived there were several
charter boats trolling back and forth among the tide rips, fishing for king salmon and silver salmon. 

The day started out slowly, but by two p.m., most of the charter boats had left and we had the area almost completely to ourselves. That is except for
the pod of five killer whales that had been circling half a mile away and more than likely putting the fish off the bite. After the tide changed, things
picked up and by the end of the day, we had our limit of silvers and three good size kings in the slush ice tote on deck. By four o’clock, it was time
to head home for the day. A great day of fishing with great friends.

The picture above shows me, Dick in the middle and Jack at the fuel dock. 

That introduction is to tell you a little bit more about us. We love to fish and we love to sell fish. When you live on Kodiak Island, fishing quickly
gets in your blood. Whether you are directly involved in the seafood industry or not, everyone who lives here is impacted in some way by fishing since
our economy centers around fishing, processing seafood or the many support industries. After spending the past sixteen years first processing sport-caught
fish and then buying and processing commercial fish, we decided to launch out and sell seafood to consumers in the “Lower 48.” 

We have wonderfully managed sustainable fisheries. Our seafood is all wild, natural and is the highest quality because it comes direct from the source
– many of our fishermen are second and third generation, seasoned professionals whose entire livelihood depends on their ability to catch fish. 

So, why buy fish online? That is a question we had to ask ourselves. We discussed this in detail and all arrived at the same answer. Simply, for seafood
lovers, the products from Kodiak are some of the best available. Our seafood is delivered directly from fishermen who care for their catch. Our production
facilities maintain the highest possible sanitation and production standards. The fish is delivered and then processed and packaged for shipment. Quality
is monitored throughout the process. 

Many online sites offer free shipping, but in the more than twenty years we have been shipping fish across the country, shipping has never been free. Shipping
is often the determining factor for customers who buy online, so for retailers there is pressure to keep up with major, high volume ecommerce sellers.
However, we won’t tell you there is “free shipping” and then add to the price of the product to cover shipping. We will offer high quality seafood
products, direct from our fishermen at very competitive prices. We ship a perishable product, using FedEx overnight delivery service.

Over the past twenty years of shipping fish, we have realized that while lower levels of shipping exist our customers appreciate the guaranteed next day
service as a way to preserve their valuable seafood purchases. We are introducing Flat Rate shipping, where all orders will be charged at a flat rate of $27.50 for FedEx overnight delivery from Kodiak Island. Additional
fees apply for Saturday and Hawaii deliveries.   

We hope that you will try and enjoy our products and then tell your friends. Word of mouth is the best advertising. We are committed to providing the best
possible customer service to match the products you buy. 

Feel free to call at 907-942-3497 or email us at info@kodiakfishmarket.com and ask questions about our products
or services or to find out what is coming in fresh. We look forward to hearing from you.

All the best, 


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